The party is over, but we're still here! And we'll be here for a few more months, so we encourage you to continue to spread the good will and news, and to make donations to the Bock Family by clicking the link below.

We'd like to thanks the following people and organizations for their generous support: 

Our Essential Benefactors: 
Duke Beeson 
Marc Sapir 
Isidro Blasco 
Eric Ogden 
Chris Shaw 
Chuck Sperry 
Michael Lavine 
Anna Schuleit 
Louise Kalin 
Andre Becker 
Jon Levin 
John Wray 
Jim Shepard 
Chloe Gaillard 
Michael Hearst 
Brigid Hughes 
Israela Margalit 
Jynne Martin 
Jim Rutman 
Noreen Tomassi 
Lorin Maazel 
Rose Unes 
Adelaide Wainwright 
John Woo 
Karin Schall 
Anne & Steve Dennin 
Jennifer Godlewski 
Elaina Richardson 
Jennifer Gerien 
Don Citarella 
Victoria Clausi 
Sam Lipsyte 

Our Most Literary Benefit Committee: 
Susan Cheever 
Joshua Ferris 
Jonathan Safran Foer 
Jonathan Franzen 
Mary Gaitskill 
Rivka Galchen 
Amy Hempel 
A.M. Homes 
Mary-Beth Hughes 
Nicole Krauss 
Fiona Maazel 
Rick Moody 
Leigh Newman 
Richard Price 
George Saunders 
Gary Shteyngart 
Wesley Stace 
Hannah Tinti 
Sean Wilsey 

Our Esteemed Volunteers: 
Katie Assef 
Astrid Cravens 
Jeff Price 
Daniel Long 
George Boorujy 
Matt Dojny 
Nikita Nelin 
Paula V. Hughes 
Robert Balkovich 
Sasha Litvinov 
Eli Bosnick, magician 
Maya Sloan, clown 
Thomas Warming, clown & videographer 
Anna Tsriotakes, bartender 

Our Generous Sponsors & Friends: 
Carlei Wines 
The Cleaver Company 
Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc 
The Corporation of Yaddo 
PS 122 
Le Pain Quotidien 
Random House 
Tuthilltown Spirits 
A Public Space 
The Writing Seminars at Bennington College 
The Center for Fiction 
And Brooklyn Brewery, which lovingly provided the beer.

You're invited to
The World's Most Literary Rent Party Ever
to benefit The Bock Family

Sunday, March 23, 2017
SinaCashCom Loan & Direct Investment in Shares
PS 122 @ 150 1st Ave New York, NY 10009

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